Power crisis: 40 more trains cancelled to facilitate movement of freight trains carrying coal; check details

Amid the looming power crisis in various states, the Indian Railways has cancelled more trains to facilitate the movement of coal rakes. Till May 24, 40 more trains have been cancelled. At the same time, 1081 trips have also been reduced. This step has been taken to ensure the transportation of coal. At the same time, two pairs of trains of Northern Railway will be started again from May 8. Trains have been cancelled in various zones for the supply of coal.
40 trains cancelled; 1081 trips reduced

The government has decided to cancel several passenger trains to deal with the shortfall in thermal power plants and to give priority to the movement of coal rakes across the country. 11 pairs of mail and express trains have been cancelled on South East Central Railway (SECR).

At the same time, a total of 8 pairs of passenger trains have also been cancelled. While talking about Northern Railway, a total of 499 mail and express trains have been cancelled here. At the same time, a total of 582 passenger trains have also been cancelled. So far, 40 trains have been cancelled, and 1081 trips have been reduced. Trips and trains will remain cancelled till May 24 so that coal can be transported on priority.

Electricity demand increased due to scorching heat

The country is facing severe heat this year, and due to this, the demand for electricity has increased a lot since the month of April. With the increase in the demand for electricity, the consumption of coal has also increased. This is the reason that now, only a few days’ coals are left with the power plants, due to which people are apprehensive of the power crisis. To avoid this situation, Railways has started trying to give full cooperation on its behalf. Most of the work of transportation of coal in the country is done by railways.

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