How to withdraw money from ATM without debit or credit card

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has directed all banks, ATM networks, White Label ATM Operators or WLAOs to offer Interoperable Card-less Cash Withdrawal (ICCW) facility across all ATMs in the country. Once the facility is live for all banks, everyone will be able to withdraw cash from ATMs without using debit or credit cards.

RBI has also asked the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to facilitate Unified Payments Interface (UPI) integration with all banks and ATM networks to help in authenticating the transactions. “All banks, ATM networks and WLAOs may provide the option of ICCW at their ATMs. NPCI has been advised to facilitate Unified Payments Interface (UPI) integration with all banks and ATM networks,” RBI wrote in a recently released circular.

The central bank further explained that customer authorization will be done with the help of UPI but the settlement will be done through the National Financial Switch (NFS) or the ATM networks. “The on-us / off-us ICCW transactions shall be processed without levy of any charges other than those prescribed under the circular on Interchange Fee and Customer Charges,” the circular noted.

The withdrawal limits will be in line with the limits for regular on-us and off-us ATM withdrawals, the central bank noted. “All other instructions related to Harmonisation of Turn Around Time (TAT) and customer compensation for failed transactions shall continue to be applicable,” the circular noted.

Currently, only select banks like ICICI and HDFC offer cardless cash withdrawal facility at their ATMs. As days pass, all other banks operating in the country will allow customers to withdraw money from ATM without the help of their debit or credit card. Let’s take a quick look at how you can withdraw money from ATM without using debit and credit card.

How to withdraw cash without using the card

To use this facility, one needs to request the bank to enable the facility first. Here’s how to do this (for ICICI bank):

-Head over to Services in the ICICI Bank mobile app.

-Click on the Cardless cash withdrawal option.

– Enter the amount, followed by the 4-digit temporary PIN, and select the account number from which you want to use to withdraw the money.

-You will then need to confirm the details displayed on the pre-confirmation screen.

-Click on the submit option.

Once the facility is successfully activated, you will receive a message with a unique 6-digit code on the registered mobile number from the bank. The code will be valid only for up to six hours. The next steps to be followed include:

-Visit your nearest bank ATM (ICICI bank ATM in this case) and enter details like — the registered mobile number, the temporary 4-digit code that you have set, the 6-digit code that you received in SMS, and the withdrawal amount.

-Once these details are authenticated, cash will be dispensed from the ATM.

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